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Fireplaces in Bradford

Looking for something different and unique ,Why not consider a chic sophisticated hole in the wall, There is really no better way to describe the versatility of this type of With a wealth of design options including choice of materials ,and fuel effects , with ether open fronted or glass fronted options are amongst the most efficient gas fires available . If your living space is crowded enough without the inclusion of a full fireplace , hole in the wall designs offer the freedom to have a centerpiece for your room without the need to take up huge amounts of space .There are many different styles available in our ranges . Built in to the wall fires are available in a selection of formats from portrait, to square, to landscape. To have a hole in the wall or hang on the wall fire they don’t have to be just gas there are options such as Solid fuel , electric or lpg ,Which can provide for clients to suit a particular situations.

biw gas designio p 1 CARMELO HE Eden HE Slimline with pebbles
Studio 1 Pienza open with white stone fuel bed